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Related article: Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 12:51:19 EST From: Subject: ADVENTUROUS AUNT (Lesbian/Incest)I was happy to have my niece Georgia stayi with me for a couple of weeks last summer while her parents went on a long anticipated cruise to the Caribbean. She is a sixteen year-old beauty, with long blond hair, blue eyes, and a nicely developing figure.She loves to display her abundant blessings in her string bikinis. She wears a different one every day, and they seem to get skimpier and skimpier--or is she just a "growing girl?" In any case, she struts around the house giving me quite a show of her budding breasts and her nicely rounded bottom. Although I am married, I also appreciate the beauty of other women, and have even tasted the fruits of Lesbos from time to time.Sometimes as I watch Georgia lounging around, and get glimpses of her perky nipples pushing out of her bikini bra, I am tempted to reach out and pinch them to see if they are real. (nah. . .I know they are real!)Occasionally she will sit in such a way that I can see the beginnings of her pubic mound with a few tendrils of her adolescent pussy straying out from her bikini bottom. My own pussy begins to juice when I look at her for more than a moment, so I Elweb Lolita tend to just flick my eyes over her rather than to stare.The other day when she came home from the beach, which is just about a block away from our home, she had a girlfriend with her. She was a little younger than Georgia, but was already showing her emergent womanhood in slightly flaring hips and bulging bikini top, smaller than Georgia's but nicely rounded nevertheless.The girls went down in the basement to wash the sand and salt water off their bodies, and I didn't think any more about it until I noticed that they were down there longer than Georgia usually took to rinse off. I went to the head of the stairs and listened. It was rather quiet, but I could hear an occasional giggle or muffled sigh, and my curiosity was aroused. I sneaked down the stairs until I could bend over and peek into the basement without being seen by the girls.There, on the couch I kept down there for an occasional nap (or masturbation session), were the two girls, both naked, and playing with each other's breasts. I was just in time to see Georgia bend down and kiss Brenda's little breast, which made the younger girl giggle and push Georgia's face away.Then Brenda did the same to her older friend, but Georgia didn't push her away. Instead, she held the girl's head in her hands and pushed her breast firmly onto her face. I could see Brenda's mouth open to receive the budding nipple of my niece between her lips. It didn't take her long to remember her nursing days, and she was soon nursing on Georgia's breast just like a hungry baby.By now I was so turned on that I just sat down on the step and let my hand wander up under my skirt to finger my panty clad pussy. My panties were already soaking, so I slipped my finger inside and reached up to finger my clit, giving myself an Elweb Lolita instant mini-orgasm.As I watched in avid fascination, my niece got down on her knees and put her head between Brenda's naked legs. She ran her hands up the insides of Brenda's thighs and eventually found her almost bare pussy with her gently stroking fingers.Brenda lay back on the bed, her legs sprawled open as Georgia bent her head, kissed her way up the inner thigh of her young friend and began to nibble at her puffy little pussy. Brenda sighed and moaned as Georgia's tongue lashed at her labia, lapping up the secretions of her young pussy.I couldn't stand being a spectator any longer, so I went back up the stairs a way, and then came down, letting my footfalls be heard by the naughty girls.Georgia jumped up from between Brenda's legs so fast that Brenda was shocked into sitting up just in time to see me moving toward them. I asked them what they thought they were doing (a dumb question, admittedly), and they just stared at me, at each other, and then began to blush and attempt to cover their nakedness with their hands.I told them to move apart, and then I sat down on the bed between then. I put my arms around both girls and smiled at them, letting them know that I completely understood their youthful curiosity, and approved, rather than disapproving of their activity, as they might have expected.My hand roamed down their backs until I was caressing the tops of their sweet, round asses, and then I asked them whether either of them had ever seen a fully developed woman in the nude. They both admitted that they hadn't, and I asked them if they would like to see how they would look when they had completed growing into womanhood.They eagerly responded in the affirmative, so I stood up before them and had them unbutton my blouse and remove it. They admired my bra and its contents, and then I instructed Georgia to unhook my bra and let it drop.Both girls gasped at the sight of my mature breasts, which though not large by adult standards, were huge compared to their adolescent swellings. I invited them both to fondle my breasts and to see how the nipples felt. They ran their fingers over my nipples, which were like hard knobs surrounded by my pink aureoles. I shivered at the touch of these young, nubile, teenagers.When I saw how fascinated they were with my breasts I invited them to taste the nipples as they had done to each other. How heavenly it felt to have their young mouths nursing at my breasts, just like a pair of twins, feeding from their mother!After they had sucked and chewed at my breasts for awhile, my pussy getting wetter and wetter, and the juice starting to run down between my thighs, I told Georgia to unbutton my skirt, and Brenda to pull it down, revealing my pussy juice soaked panties.I slowly worked the panties down over my hips, revealing, a little at a time my curly, brown, pubic hair. My pubic hair is plentiful, but not thick, so it is just a nice curly fuzz around my pubic mound.The girls stared in awe at my womanly charms until I took their hands and pulled them to me, inviting them to explore the dense delight of my vulva. Their fingers played tentatively at my slit, which opened to them readily, allowing them to get in between the outer lips to discover the inner lips, and eventually the clitoris that hid beneath--well, it wasn't hiding, since their pawing had made it stand up like a little penis.I thought we had gone about as far as we should on this first exposure, so I let them finger me until I had an orgasm, then told them to get some clothes on and go upstairs for lunch.I'll have to tell you the rest of the story on a future installment.Please send comments to
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